Welcome in a positive corner of the Internet.
Welcome in a space, where we learn how to like ourselves for whom we are. Exactly as we are.
Where instead of judging – we appreciate.
Where instead of rushing – we calm down.
Where instead of fighting ourselves – we give ourselves a hug.

At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.

Lao Tzu

My name is Marta and during coaching process I support people in building a life that’s the most convenient, the most peaceful and the happiest for them.

What is coaching?

Simply put – it’s an art of asking questions. And supporting in reaching the answer.

Coaching is a process, in which coach ensure the meeting structure (and the process) leading coachee (you!) towards discovering oneself, naming and understanding one’s beliefs and mental habits. We define current state, the way it is right now – without sugarcoating the reality and without describing it in dark shades.
Then we agree on what and why is to look differently – not because it “should” or “is expected to”, but because you want it this way, you need it and you seek it. We identify a goal and the way to measure the results. We plan the path to accomplishment and we embark on a journey!
Coaching may change your life in a way that it won’t be recognizable, if you open your mind and heart to it. If you are ready for a difficult and tedious work – because exercising your brain muscles (as I call beliefs and mental habits) is a much more difficult task, than exercising your body at the gym – then working with me may help you not only design the life, as you want it, but also implement changes step by step.

Coaching is not psychotherapy. If an issue that you come to me with turns out to be too deep, too serious and I will not be able to help you, I’ll openly share that with you.
Myself, I do not conduct psychotherapy.

There are many people in this world who are continuously trying to fit into different forms, play different roles and put on different masks.
Working with me we're learning, how to take off these masks - which sometimes grew in as second skin! - how to let ourself be ourselves, how to grow to learn what's ours and how to let go of everything that's not fitting the aware (and own!) life.

If the answer to questions "Whose life do you live?" and "Whose life do you want to live?" is not the same, then you are in the right place - I can help you get to know and to like yourself. At some point even to trust yourself. I already know it, one day you will too - you've got everything that you need to live the way you want.

If you sometimes have the impression that life is about something else that what you've got...
That somewhere in everyday rush you've lost understanding of yourself...
That dreams were supposed to be easier to make true...
That everyday life was to have a different taste and colour...

Schedule your first session with me and let's check together, what can be done about it!