My name’s Marta Jagusztyn and I help people find their true selves.

Twelve years ago, right after high school, I was faced with a choice – psychology, economy or civil engineering? You may think – wow, girl, these fields are not even connected! And you’re right! I didn’t know myself, I didn’t have an internal compass and I didn’t really know what I wanted. I let many external voices around me overshout my internal one. I started studying civil engineering and read psychology books on the way to university.

I graduated, led multiple projects in a student organization, ticked off different successes. I emigrated to Hungary and started to work in a design center in one of the corporations. I was climbing corporate ladder, taking on more and more corporate-named jobs.

In the summer of 2016 I got sick – “multiple sclerosis” was the diagnosis. And that was the very first breaker on my way to “success”. I discovered I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), that I set a pace that may not necessarily be good for me. Suffering, disabled and completely confused I started to wonder if I really did what I would want to. And the answer, though difficult, was liberating – no, I’m on the wrong path.

I got back to the very bottom of the corporate ladder, fixed my health, started studying psychology in management and started focusing on the thing that I always heard the calling to and I had talents for – working with people. Firstly I calibrated my own compass and later on I started to support others in their journeys. I became a team leader and later a design center manager, completely redefining the organizational culture from hierarchical, stiff and slow to dynamic and developing, allowing everyone to spread their wings. After working hours I started to work with people from different circles and places, helping them find their paths. Until finally, in May 2021, I decided it was time to start doing it for real.

One of my employees gave me feedback once:

It’s as if you could see who we may become – every one of us, even if we ourselves are afraid to name it – and then helped us get there.

I want to believe that’s exactly the reason I am here for – to help people find their wings and help them learn to fly.

There are wings that are colourful and tangled, there are those neatly brushed and in pastel colours. Some fly dynamically, some others very calmly, carried on peaceful wind blows. All of them are beautiful, important and needed. Each of them has its time, place and space in the world, in teams, projects, relationships and families. Yours also. I can help you not only learn how to fly, but also find these wings – because we’re all in a journey and at different stages of this journey.

I am an “auditor” of the backpacks that we take for this trip. I help organize, clean what’s needed, get rid of what’s redundant. Oil the tools and throw in some new ones. Set the straps to make sure it’s comfortable. We’re getting ready for a long journey – let’s face it, a life-long one.