In my coaching practice I help to find your way in both personal and professional life. I use mostly positive psychology and strengths-based coaching – using both mine and your strengths! If you do not yet know, understand or appreciate your talents, do not worry, we can work on this, too.

SMART life coaching is an original product and an offer that you will not find anywhere else. It’s designed for women who search for themselves and want to start speaking their own voice after many years of shutting their souls. It’s a long (3-9 months) process, when we go through different stages of a change and slowly, in your own pace, we start to build your life, as you need it now.

Strenghts-based development is an offer for those of you, who keep searching for your path, value or motivation in your careers. Regardless of where you are – whether you’ve just graduated, feel burnt out after many years in a managerial role, feel frustrated in the organizational culture of your current employer or find yourself on a corner, about to change your field of employment – together we may go through these difficulties smoother and quicker. This process focuses on professional development and lasts much shorter (1 to 10 meetings) but leaves a lasting mark!

I hold all sessions online (using Skype, Zoom or Google Meets software, depending on your preference), so you can contact me from any corner of the world!