When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.

Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

For a few years now I’ve been working with women. Different ones – those just entering their adulthood and those almost at the halfway point of their lives. With moms and single girls. With women from little town and huge cities. With Polish women, European women, with women from all around the world. We’re so very different but we’ve mostly got one thing in common – we’ve got so very strong templates in our minds. We’ve got beliefs and mental habits that we follow very dilligently, sometimes completely unconsciously. And that’s where the idea of SMART life comes from.

S – self aware
M – mindful
A – authentic
R – relevant
T – trusting

There’s one question that many women in my practice answer in the very same way – “I don’t know”. And that’s a very simple question, one could think.

What do you want? Who do you want to become? What do you need?

As women we know perfectly well what we should know. What we should be. What our partner wants from us, what our kid needs, what our boss expects. What would our parents want to see and how to make our friends happy. We’ve got an excellent awareness of all these carefully observing us eyes and cruelly judging opinions. But quite often we don’t know, what WE want.

As a result one day we wake up in lives which are not ours anymore – and we cannot find our way back to the right path.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

C.G. Jung

During SMART life coaching I help women increase their self-awareness – get to know themselves. I help them notice who they are, how and what they feel, what brings them joy and satisfaction, what their life really looks like. I teach them mindfulness. I help them get to know their real self and live in accordance with it, even if initially it’s difficult or uncomfortable. I help discover their own needs and values and later build everyday life, where there is enough space to express these values. I support in identifying goals, reorganizing habits and activities, which helps to increase self-esteem and sense of fulfillment. I help break down walls in minds which prevent us from opening in front of other people and building trusting relationships.

SMART life coaching helps to build self-confidence, improve quality of relationships, grow courage to be yourself and live your life – a tailor-made life, not some mass-produced copy-pasted template.

Give yourself a chance and let me help you colour your world!