Do you continue to look for your place at the job market?
Do you continuously wonder if you are in the right place?
Are you not completely sure what you could be doing?
Do you feel that your potential is not fully utilized and your contributions are neglected?

These confusion and frustration that you feel right now do not need to be part of your life! Based on your strengths, talents and unique traits of your personality we can design your career path together, work through the difficulties in your current workplace or decide what skills you need to be better suited for your professional growth.

I work based on three metodologies listed below, offering original, tailor-made coaching process – because a human is not only a title, a set of letters or a few talent names! Together we may dig out what’s the most important for you and about you – and then based on this we will build (or you will, with my subtle support) your future.

CliftonStrenghts – 34 different superpowers that can be both a curse and a blessing, depending on how well you know them and if you know how to work with them.

MBTI – personality model built based on Big Five, taking into consideration five most important traits. Familiarity and understanding of these traits, how they build you and impact those around you, may change your life beyong recognition if you learn how to work with them.

DISC – in anthiquity four temperaments, nowadays “four colours” or DISC personalities. Each of us is a unique mixture of different colours and in different situations shows different faces. Getting to know all of them, you may learn how to enjoy work more… With less effort!

You can come to me with your results that you’ve gotten already but are not quite sure what to do with.

Don’t worry though, should these reports be not available for you – we do not need them to get to know you and help you. And if you’d like, I can share free substitutions to make our task a bit easier.

Do you think we could work on something together? Let me know and let’s get into action!